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Rebaselining Asset Data for Existing Facilities and Infrastructure

In this report, we introduce rebaselining as a workflow for collecting and verifying data for existing assets based on evolving or emerging data needs or changes in the status of assets. We conducted two action research projects in two public owner organizations in the U.S. to explore the rebaselining tasks that owners need to define and the decisions they need to make t o mitigate the challenges of collecting data for existing assets. This study frames rebaselining in four phases: 1) preparing technology enablers, 2) collecting asset data from existing documents, 3) field verification, and 4) updating asset management databases. The results of this work set the foundation for implementing rebaselining workflows and technologies by (1) mapping rebaselining business processes in each phase, (2) listing technological affordances required in these processes, and (3) showing how practitioners can customize and leverage conventional information modeling platforms to implement rebaselining workflows.


Hamid Abdirad, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Construction Management

Supervising Faculty

Carrie Sturts Dossick, Ph.D. P.E.