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Dual Degree

B.A. Architectural Design/B.S. in Construction Management

Students who are admitted to the BA in Architectural Design are eligible to apply for the dual degree in their third year. They do not need to complete the BS in CM prerequisites for admission or degree completion. Dual degree graduates are sought after for their design-build skills and preconstruction knowledge.

Dual Degree Major Curriculum

Autumn Winter Spring
Fourth Year CM 301, CM 310, CM 320, ARCH 400 CM 323,  CM 331, CM 335,  ARCH 404 CM 321, CM 322, CM 332, CM 333,ARCH 402
Fifth Year CM 312, CM 410 CM 411 CM 414 CM 421, CM 422, CM 427, CM 432, CM 434 CM 412, CM 423, CM 431

Unlike the B.S. in CM, the dual degree program is not accredited by the ACCE due to differences in prerequisite coursework. Upper division coursework in the fourth and fifth year of the program is substantially similar to the B.S. in CM.  Students in both degree programs programs learn together in a cohort and complete a culminating capstone project.