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Major in Construction Management

Sample Academic Plan for Class of 2026 forward(pdf)

General Education

Students are required to complete the general education requirements of the College of Built Environments. Some of the credits applied to these requirements may also fulfill major requirements.

General Education Requirement Total Credits Overlap with CM Major Prerequisites
Reasoning (RSN) 5 Math 112 or Math 124  fulfill this requirement
Social Sciences (SSc) 10 ECON 200 (5); MGMT 200(5)
Arts & Humanities (A&H) 10 CM 250 recommended. Take 5 additional credits
Natural Sciences (NSc) 24 All MATH, PHYS, Statistics, and ESS courses count toward total
Diversity (DIV) 5 Select a course that meets the DIV requirement
Writing (W) 7 CM 301 fulfills 3 W credits (taken during junior year). Take one additional W course.

In addition to the general education requirements, a UW student earning any Bachelor’s degree must meet the following University requirements:

Major Prerequisites

The following prerequisites are required for all students earning the accredited BS in Construction Management regardless of application pathway, EXCEPT for BA Architectural Design students pursuing the dual degree.

Transfer students: refer to the UW Equivalency Guide and meet with the undergraduate advisor to verify how their course credits will be applied.

Requirement Application Pathway General Education
Calculus 1 (Math 112 or Math 124) Business, STEM, Upper Division NSc, RSN
Physics 1 with Lab (PHYS 114/117 or PHYS 121) STEM, Upper Division NSc
Physics 2 with Lab (PHYS 115/118 or PHYS 122) Upper Division NSc
Microeconomics (ECON 200) Business, Upper Division RSN, SSc
Accounting (ACCTG 215 or ACCTG 219) Business, Upper Division
English Composition (e.g. ENGL 131) Business, STEM, Upper Division C
Business Law (MGMT 200) Business, STEM, Upper Division SSc
Statistics (QMETH 201, STAT 220 or STAT 311) Upper Division NSc
Digital Tools (CM 260) Upper Division
Public Speaking (CM 220 or Com 220) Upper Division
Intro to Geology (ESS 101) Upper Division NSc

CM Major Curriculum — Upper Division

Successful completion of general education requirements and major prerequisites is required to advance to upper division coursework.

The final two years of the major are taken with your cohort. Most upper division classes are only offered once per year. It is important to take classes in sequence to graduate on time.

Required internship: Typically completed between junior and senior year.
Senior Electives — 6 credits total from: CM 415, CM 416, CM 429


Capstone is a two-quarter course sequence that culminates in a presentation. Students work in teams of two simulating a general contractor to present how they would create an estimate, safety plan, site logistics, schedule, and build a project. Projects are selected from among real-world projects that have been issued permits but have not yet begun construction. Students present to a panel of industry, alumni, and faculty to earn their final capstone grade.


UW offers more than 100 minors. 

To declare a minor you need to be declared in a major and have earned at least 45 credits. You will meet with your CM major advisor for the minor declaration and planning. Credits toward the minor may also be applied to general education requirements.

Minors that overlap with your CM coursework include:

Study Abroad

Students may choose to earn academic credit through international study through programs sponsored by the College of Built Environments or UW general study abroad options. If you are planning to spend a term abroad, sophomore year prior to beginning the upper division major curriculum is the best way to stay on course to graduate.  You may apply study abroad credit to meet degree requirements toward general education requirements or a minor.