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Scholarships and Funding

Industry Scholarships:

UW Tuition and Fees

UW Resources

UW Resources

  • WAFSA is aid available for Washington residents who are not eligible for federal aid because of immigration status (e.g. DACA and undocumented students)
  • Apply for WASFA
  • Priority application open October 1-January 15

  • Visit UW Emergency Aid 
  • Consider meeting with your academic advisor to learn more about UW resources to help with your emergency

CM Department Scholarships and Funding

CM Department Scholarships and Funding

  • Incoming transfer students who apply for FAFSA will automatically be considered for the Eker Scholarship.
  • Transfer students should consider applying for the Martin Family Foundation Scholarship

The department issues a call for applications to current UW Construction Management students via the cohort canvas pages on an annual basis.  This call includes all relevant information necessary to apply for our annual scholarships and fellowships.

A limited number of hourly student jobs are available through the department. Current students will be invited to apply for positions including Work-Study eligible clerical positions, tutors, and reader-grader jobs on a quarterly basis.  Pay rates start at $20/hr.

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