Registration for the UW AGC Golf Tournament is in full swing!

The UW AGC Student Chapter is hosting their annual Golf Tournament on Friday, September 11th, 2020.

If you don’t want to play a round with us you can still support the AGC Student Chapter while promoting your firm through a couple of different sponsorship options.

  • Hole Sponsor:  $750
  • Contest Sponsor:  $1,500
If you would like to register or if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!
Thanks for your support,
Andrew Techico, President
UW AGC Student Chapter
Washington National Golf Club: COVID guidelines and restrictions.
COVID guidelines and restrictions are in place, as such the tournament will run a little differently this year.
* Instead of a shotgun start, tee times will be staggered running every 9 minutes at the front and back 9 starting at noon.
* Because there cannot be more than 10 people in a certain space, we ask players to arrive no more than 30 minutes prior to their tee time to check-in and leave shortly after finishing their round of play.
* Instead of a banquet, we will offer BBQ for players to grab-and-go for $35!
* The raffle and winner announcement will be done so virtually after the tournament to avoid a large group gathering prior to the tournament.
* Players are required to bring masks and ensure a 6′ distance from others at all times per state guidelines.
* For player safety, we will provide sanitation stations throughout the course.


Dynamic production scheduling model under due date uncertainty in precast concrete construction.

Journal of Cleaner Production 257, 120527 Abstract: Precast concrete structures (PCs) are widely used in the construction industry to reduce project delivery times and improve quality. On-time delivery of PCs is critical for successful project completion because the processes involving precast concrete are the critical paths in most cases. However, existing models for scheduling PC…

Impact of Empowering Front-Line Managers on Planning Reliability & Project Schedule Performance

Journal of Management in Engineering 36 (3), 04020004 Abstract: This study applies empowerment theory to production planning at the level of frontline managers in a construction project. Using structural equation modeling, we investigate how empowering frontline managers impacts their planning performance. In contrast to prior studies, we find that although psychological empowerment of frontline managers…

Impact of Make-Ready Process on Project Cost Performance in Heavy Civil

Production Planning & Control 30 (13), 1064-1071 Abstract:  The research investigates the relationship between the production plan reliability and the project cost performance using project data in the heavy civil construction sector.  The research also investigates the attributes of a make-ready process using statistical analysis.  This study shows that production planning reliability (i.e. Per cent…

Support Services Available to the UW Community

In this very challenging time, we may all need extra support.  All of the faculty and staff of the CM Department are available via email, phone, or zoom, and there are additional resources available from the UW community as well.

UW CareLink     Ι     SafeCampus    Ι    BIPOC Services at UW Counseling Center

Stress Management Resources from The Whole U     Ι     Husky Health & Well-Being