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Class of 2024 Sigma Lamda Chi Honorees

We officially reactivated the Theta Chapter of Sigma Lambda Chi International Construction Honor Society on March 28th. The following students were recognized for their academic achievements.


  • Oleh Olehovych Fylyk
  • Alexander Bryce Hasenstab
  • Casey Anne Lawler
  • Patrick Grady Norton
  • Benjamin Matthew Olliffe
  • Samuel Thomas Rutter


The University of Washington Theta chapter was formed in 1966. The above 6 students have now joined 559 UW Theta lifetime members who have been recognized over the past 58 years .


Sigma Lambda Chi (ΣΛΧ) is an international scholastic honor society that recognizes academic achievement among students in the field of construction management. It was established in 1949 at Michigan State University. SLC is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, Inc. The society has chartered 93 chapters (75 active) and boasts a total membership of over 25,000 lifetime members.


The premise of the Sigma Lambda Chi crest created in 1949 features trees that represent the supply of natural resources available to constructors, a set of plans that represent the high level of research and planning that constructors must apply and maintain in their operations, and a building that represents the homes and all engineered facilities and services resulting from the constructors’ efforts. The original intention was to convey from forest resources to logs and lumber to shelter and housing. Changing times and the spirit thereof have broadened from the original merchant to constructor intent; the basic premise remains that the integrity of the individual continues to be the guiding force.