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Professor Dossick receives Pathfinder Award

The Engineering Project Organization Society presented Prof. Carrie Dossick with the Pathfinder Award on June 27, 2019, at their annual conference in Vail, Colorado. This is the highest honor of the society, and it is in recognition of work with high impact and influence. Professor Dossick reflects that, “It was very meaningful for me to get this recognition. I hold this community in very high regard and they push me to do my best scholarship.  They have also given me to courage to work on the perimeter of engineering research and do work that is very much outside of the mainstream with a focus on design, construction, and operations of buildings and infrastructure. I accepted this award with heartfelt gratitude for the community and am very honored to be recognized as a pathfinder that may be an inspiration for others.”

EPOS is a society of scholars who combine engineering and social science methods to address the challenges that face project managers in the built environment. Academics and practitioners in this society address national and international projects through the lenses of governance, organization, project management and technology. The journal of this community is now online with Messy Talk and Clean Technology being one of Prof. Dossick’s recognized articles. Congratulations Prof. Dossick on this achievement and recognition!