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Record Modeling Industry Practices


This technical report presents a review of current Record Modeling practices in the building sector of the construction industry. Our Center for Education and Research in Construction (CERC) research team collected and reviewed Record Modeling specifications from large public and private institutional owners from across the U.S. These specification documents consisted of published Building Information Modeling (BIM) guidelines, contract specifications, and BIM Project Execution Planning documents. This report summarizes the results of our findings and online resources to Record Model BIM guides used for Design-Intent Record Models and As-built Construction Record Models.

This report is a product of a study led by Prof. Carrie Sturts Dossick, Director of the Center for Education and Research in Construction (CERC) and Faculty lead in the Communication Technology and Organizational Practices Research Group (CTOP) at the University of Washington. The research team included Bita Astaneh Asl (PhD, University of Washington), and Dr. Laura Osburn (CERC, University of Washington).