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Design and Construction Innovation Through Collaboration, Lean Construction and Building Information Modeling


The construction industry has long tried to improve the efficiency of its outcomes and maximize the value to owners by improving the team integration and applying manufacturing-oriented production philosophies. We studied a successful example of the recent approach to project delivery in the industry and interviewed key project participants to understand their working processes. This is a healthcare project on the west coast of the US which included a tenant improvement in an existing core and shell tower. An architecture and general contractor team delivered this project.

This report is divided into two main themes. First, we describe the project team’s integrative efforts as it relates to current Integrated Project Delivery industry trends. Then, we explain the value-adding activities in this project along with their applied tools and shows how collaboration facilitated maximization of the value to the client.

Finally, a summary of the key findings of this project are highlighted to be applied by the industry. Based on these findings, some of the key elements for establishing collaboration among the team members include the creation of an integrated team of project participants, the relationship development and open communication, and early involvement of all project parties (including users and subcontractors) into programming and design of the project. These principles resulted in the success of this project while combined with value-adding focus of the team through design optimization, pull-planning, and supply chain management.

Rahman Azari
Carrie Dossick
Omar El-Anwar
Yong-Woo Kim