Construction Management refers to the study and practice of the managerial and technological aspects of the construction industry.

Construction Management is a technical degree which includes a combination of Engineering, Architecture and Business. Construction Management is a professional, 4-year, Bachelor of Science degree program. There are technical elements in the curriculum, but you will not be learning a trade nor gaining technical expertise. Although construction experience of any kind is helpful, it is not required for admission to the Construction Management department.

Job prospects for construction managers are very good. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of job openings for construction managers will exceed the number of qualified individuals. Read more in the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s latest Occupational Outlook Handbook.

To learn more about the construction industry and available opportunities, prospective students may attend construction company presentations, held throughout autumn and winter quarters (see the CM Calendar for exact time and locations). Companies also conduct interviews for summer jobs/paid internships for prospective CM students.

Construction Management students are hands-on learners who are interested in a practical degree. They’re often good at math and project management, or they have an interest in architecture, but they enjoy working outside. CM jobs are available in both the public and private sectors, at government agencies, private corporations, general contractors, specialty contractors, homebuilders, consulting firms, real estate developers, and construction material suppliers. Typical starting positions are in field supervision, management, construction project planning and scheduling, cost estimating, or sales.

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