Yong-Woo Kim

Yong-Woo Kim


Yong-Woo Kim is a Professor and P.D.Koon Endowed Professor of Construction Management.  His research emphasizes lean principles focusing on interdependency and uncertainty in construction supply chain networks.  His research has been defined by his cultural background spanning two continents, educational, and professional experience in production management and the construction industry.

Dr. Kim has published more than 30 peer-reviewed technical journal articles, 50 papers in peer-reviewed conference proceedings, and one professional book on design-build system.  Dr. Kim developed a new metric to measure the inventory work between trades called CEV (Customer Earned Value), and two international contractors have been using this new metric for their project control.

Dr. Kim has pursued $3.86 million dollars worth of funding for thirty-eight projects and has been awarded $1.05 million dollars (his share: $785,333) as PI or Co-PI for sixteen different projects. Sources of these funds include national and international research agencies, municipalities, and the construction industry.

In his teaching, Dr. Kim engages students in discussions to cultivate critical thinking skills in his students.  He has also developed case studies in his scholarly work; those cases have been actively used in the classroom to improve students’ ability to apply construction management principles to real construction projects.  He has developed two new courses: CM518 Lean Construction and CM 528 Advanced Cost Management.  CM518 focuses on lean construction principles and its application to design and construction processes, reflecting the needs for a new production paradigm in the industry.  CM 528 deals with cost management practices focusing on overhead costs.

As the demand for teaching lean principles continues to increase, he will also offer CM 434 Lean Project Planning in Spring 2021, this class focuses on production planning processes using lean principles.