Julie Kriegh

Affiliate Instructor

Dr. Kriegh brings a unique depth and breadth of both professional practice and academic experience.  In addition to founding her design firm, Kriegh Architecture Studios | Research + Design, she is affiliate faculty in the College of Built Environments in the department of Construction Management. Dr. Kriegh’s research has encompassed collecting and analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data on the motivations that foster pro-environmental action. Her teaching highlights novel/sustainable construction materials, methods, and concepts. As an architect, she is engaged with high-performance design and construction practices as well as community design and engagement.  Dr. Kriegh received her PhD and Master of Architecture from the University of Washington and her undergraduate degree from Duke University.

Dr. Kriegh is teaching several classes on Sustainable Construction (CM335 F2022 and CM540 W2023) and Concepts in Sustainability (ARCH 498C W2023). This academic year she is also teaching two studios on Coastal Adaptations with the Shoalwater Bay Tribe (BE405/505 F2022 and ARCH Collab/Fab S2023).

In prior years, Dr. Kriegh developed a new seminar course ARCH 498C Concepts in Sustainability (W2022) and co-instructed CM313 Construction Methods and Materials (F2021). Dr. Kriegh developed and served as lead instructor for two BE studio/seminars — Mid2Mod: Mid-century to Modern High Performance 21st Century Neighborhood (F2018) and DCD: Launching a Sustainable Data Center Design for the Future (F2020). Students of the Mid2Mod class were invited as keynote speakers at the 10th Passive House Northwest conference in Portland and at the EDRA50 conference in New York City. The DCD studio and studio book was sponsored by Microsoft and Goggle ($50,000 gift) as well as featured in Fast Company and Metropolis magazines along with an interview podcast by Metropolis Deep Green (2022).

Dr. Kriegh is a part of the Earthlab Innovations Grant Initiative: Coastal Adaptations of the Shoalwater Bay Tribe (2022-2023) by leads Daniel Abramson, Lynne Manzo, and Rob Corser. She understands the potential impact that a catalyst project, such as identified by the Shoalwater, can have for a community to create an ecosystem of sustainability— economically, technically, socially/culturally – when considering an upland expansion and adaptations necessary due to climate hazards unique to coastal communities.

Dr. Kriegh is currently leading the Sustainability Team (KAS/WSP/Srubar/Magwood) for the 130,000 SF Mount Vernon Library Commons project designed by HKP Architects. This was the only building project to be selected by Governor Inslee to receive a $4 million award as a part of his Clean Energy Bill. The project will feature EV charging stations, lower operational energy use through renewable solar PV panels, and Passive House construction strategies, reduced embodied carbon emissions by 30 to 40% through material selections based on WBLCA modeling. Her design firm, Kriegh Architecture Studios, is currently designing a prefabricated Passive House metal artist welding studio, residence, and painting studio complex on Bainbridge Island, WA.