Last year we re-imagined our approach and the experience for both CM students and industry participants.  We worked closely with the UW Career and Internship Center and our partners within the College of Civil & Environmental Engineering to evaluate various options given the mandatory, virtual nature of communications between our students and prospective employers.

This year’s CM Career Fair and Services Expo will combine our AY 20-21 virtual approach with the traditional fair that we have had in years past.  We learned that there were several advantages for both Companies and Students in our virtual approach and we would like to take advantage of those again this year.  Many have also missed that in-person interaction so we will fold that into the CM Career Expo 2021.


    • Company Mixers: October 25 – November 5th
      During these virtual one-hour sessions we will rotate 2 – 3 companies through 2 – 3 breakout rooms where attending students will be pre-assigned randomly.  Each company recruiting team will have 20 – 30 minutes to provide their elevator pitch.  These sessions will be run in UW Zoom rooms by CM staff.
    • In-Person Career Fair Booths: November 8th
      This is the traditional in-person career fair booth that we all know and love.  Fair Booths will be located in the Husky Union Building (HUB) in the North Ballroom on the 2nd Floor.
    • Social Hour: November 8th
      We will host a social hour after the in-person fair booths on the 8th from 4:30p – 6:30p.

Support CM’s Informal Tutoring Program:

The CM department wants to extend a hearty welcome to all interested students and help them succeed within our industry. As part of a multi-faceted strategy, CM hires a group of seniors who will serve as graders for junior classes and tutors for junior students.  The proceeds from the CM Career Expo will help support the cost of this program. You can help by registering for the Expo and by donating to our scholarship fund so that we can make sure all our students can focus on their education and become active participants in and future leaders in your companies and projects.

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Thank you to all of our industry friends that participated in this and other past events!