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CM: Dual Degree FAQ

When do I apply for the Dual Degree program?

Admissions to the Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies is competitive and applications are due to the Architecture Department by the first Monday of Summer Quarter of the student’s second year of study. If admitted to architecture, students may apply to the Dual Degree Program. Applications are due to the Department of Construction Management by April 1 of the student’s third year of study.

Where will I study?

The Architecture Department at the College of Built Environments is located in Gould Hall on the western side of the University of Washington campus. The Construction Management Department at the College of Built Environments is housed in Architecture Hall on the University of Washington’s Seattle campus. Built in 1909, Architecture Hall has historical significance as the last major building remaining from the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition. The University of Washington’s Seattle campus is comprised of 16 schools and colleges and is one of the oldest state-supported institutions of higher education on the Pacific Coast.

Architectural Studies students have the option of taking coursework in Rome at the UW’s Rome Center in autumn of their fourth year of study. Students will also be involved in classes and research in virtual construction (modeling, simulation, and visualization), methods and materials, and construction education at the Center for Education and Research in Construction at nearby Sand Point.

Why study Architecture and Construction Management?

Students who study both Architecture and Construction Management at the College of Built Environments gain knowledge in both design and construction skills, giving them greater knowledge and more job options. The Dual Degree gives students design skills through innovative research, teaching, interdisciplinary collaboration and practical skills needed to address project management, giving them a holistic view that allows them to better design jobs for practical applications.

Students enrolling in the Dual Degree program in architecture and construction management are able to take advantage of design/build studios, community service projects, and internships that will enhance their knowledge and practical experience of design, social responsibility, sustainability, and construction.

How will my Dual Degree help me start my career?

Dual Degree majors are an outstanding match for companies and organizations who need someone to manage projects with architects and builders. Besides providing students with the fundamental knowledge needed to excel in their field, the Dual Degree provides multiple opportunities for networking and connecting to the industry. Those with a specific interest, such as green building, residential construction, or infrastructure, for example, may choose electives, a capstone project, and an internship that further their study in this area. Many design/build studio options allow students to pursue the area that interests them most.

Students are encouraged to look at the CM Calendar to learn about company presentations and informational interviews that help students gain knowledge of career opportunities in the industry. All students are required to complete a Summer Internship Program with a construction industry employer during the summer between their junior and senior years. The goal is to expose students to many facets of construction management and/or building technology. These internships frequently lead to jobs. Students may also compete in a variety of industry-sponsored competitions that provide an excellent learning experience and networking opportunities.

The CM Program has enjoyed 100 percent placement of graduates during the past decade. The program remains current and responsive to industry needs through curricular feedback that is obtained regularly from graduates and employers of graduates to improve program quality. In addition, an active Construction Industry Advisory Council helps identify program curricular improvements.

If I want to do a Dual Degree in Architecture and CM, can I still study in Rome?

Yes, it is possible to spend the autumn quarter of your fourth year of study in Rome, but students must schedule their required classes very carefully to make sure they can complete the Dual Degree in five years.