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Undergraduate students must complete an application for graduation with their departmental adviser.  The deadline for submitting the application is the third Friday of the quarter in which you intend to graduate.  Submitting an application for a degree is the sole responsibility of the student.

  1. Contact your Department Adviser and complete an application for graduation.
  2. Take the signed (by you and your adviser) application to the Graduation and Academic Records Office in Schmitz Hall no later than the third Friday of the quarter in which you intend to graduate.
  3. When the application is received, your record is reviewed.  All requirements for the degree must be met by the end of the current quarter if the application is to be approved.  If this is not possible, you will be notified of the deficiencies by the Graduation and Academic Records Office.
  4. Registration must be maintained for the entire quarter in which application for the degree is made. If you withdraw during the quarter, the application becomes void, and a new one must be submitted at the appropriate time.  If you do not complete all degree requirements during the quarter, a new application for a degree must be submitted for the quarter in which degree requirements will be completed.