Students graduating with an undergraduate degree in Construction Management can easily find entry-level and middle-management positions in construction and related industries.  Those with an advanced degree find upper management, research, and academic positions in construction, higher education and government.  Construction is a diversified industry, with job opportunities in commercial, institutional, industrial, residential and civil construction, as well as academic institutions.  As a fast-paced, dynamic industry, many jobs are posted and filled almost as quickly as the need arises.

For Students

Students are encouraged to begin their job search early.  The Department receives notices of job openings throughout the school year and these are posted on the Department Job Board.  In addition to checking this resource, students are encouraged to also make their own contacts within the industry.

Students looking for work or industry contacts should consider the following options:

  • Attend the CM Career Fair:
    The Department’s annual Career Fair takes place in the Autumn quarter and helps facilitate the job search process.
  • Attend a Company Presentation:
    Throughout the Autumn and Winter quarters, construction companies come to campus and give one-hour presentations.  This presentation is typically an overview of the company’s main focus and scope of work.  Presentations are scheduled in the evenings only.  Refreshments such as pizza and sodas are usually provided by the company.  The following day, interested students may meet company representatives for a one-on-one 30-minute interview.  Go to the CM Calendar to see when company visits are scheduled.
  • Research Association Websites:
    Many industry organizations and associations have job sites that students may access.
  • Use Husky Jobs:
    All students and graduates may use the Husky Career Network to seek employment.

For Employers

Job Listings

Companies that wish to list openings for permanent positions or internships may send the complete description to These will be posted to the Department Job Board, and are accessible to all students.


For companies interested in scheduling presentation/interview dates, please e-mail

Student Job Placement

The UW Construction Management Class of 2019 reported 100% job placement at the time of graduation, with an average starting salary of $68,500 in a survey conducted by the Department of recent graduates.

UW CM graduates work in all sectors of this industry from residential, to commercial, to civil.

Our graduates’ top three employment roles:

  • Project Engineer
  • Cost Estimator
  • Scheduler