Research Paper Guidelines

Description of Research Paper

The research paper option provides for a three credit research work and it does not call for original research work as expected in the thesis option.

Research Advisor
There is no supervisory committee for the research paper option. You initial advisor could work with you on selecting a topic for your research paper. Alternatively, based on the courses you attended, you should be able to identify a research area of interest to do your paper. If the selected research area is not in the initial advisor’s research interests then you and the advisor should select the faculty member mostly interested in the research topic. The advisor is expected to provide advice, guidance, and assistance to the graduate student and to evaluate the student’s performance.

Professional Research Paper Procedures
Graduate Students must adhere to the following procedures for the research paper:

  • The selection of a research topic should preferably be done in the quarter immediately preceding the quarter on which the research work will be performed and the paper will be written.
  • Work with the advisor to develop a written research proposal (one to two type-written pages in the following format:
    • Description of the problem to be studied.
    • Synopsis of existing literature on the issue.
    • Description of the proposed study methodology to complete the research.
    • Outline of the tasks required to complete the research paper and anticipated schedule of completion.
    • Description of anticipated form of the results.
  • Once the proposal has been approved by your advisor, he/she should provide you with an entry code for CM 600, Independent Study or Research are not allowed to enroll in CM 600 until their research paper topics have been approved by their advisor.
  • Schedule regular reviews with your advisor throughout the preparation of your research paper.

Final Examination Procedures

  • Close to the end of the quarter, provide to your advisor a complete draft at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled final day of instructions or the exam week.
  • It is preferred to schedule a meeting with the advisor in which you would present (e.g. in Power Point) the research work and your conclusion. Alternatively, your advisor might evaluate your draft during the two weeks and give you comments and feedback to attain to for the final paper submission.
  • The advisor will evaluate your paper and give credit or no-credit as the case may be based on your research work and performance.
  • You or your advisor are required to pick up the warrant (Application for Master’s Degree) for the final research work from the Graduate Program Coordinator. The warrant will be signed and places in your file, the graduate school would be notified of your completion when the advisor gives the credit/no credit evaluation of you research work.