2A: Industry-Academic Innovators (1.5 LU)

This international panel will discuss how specific firms are enhancing innovation in the construction industry. From Montreal, Canada, we will hear about Pomerleau’s latest applied research collaboration with University Research groups and the vision of a BLM (Building Lifecycle Management), bridging different software and formats. From Vancouver, Canada, we will hear from top architects in Stantec about new technologies that have been adopted within the architectural industry. We will cnclude with a presentation from the Australian Construction Company, Hansen Yuncken, describing their his firm’s implementation of the HYway platform to integrate project and business processes, information and communication technologies (ICT), and disparate forms of data and information.

Panel lead

Carrie Sturts Dossick is a Professor of Construction Management at the University of Washington, College of Built Environment and Executive Director, Center for Education and Research in Construction (CERC). Dr. Dossick has over a decade of research and teaching experience primarily focused on emerging collaboration methods and technologies such as Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM). She is an active member of both the National Institute of Building Sciences and buildingSMART Alliance. Current research projects include technology and collaboration strategies for green building design and construction; global team collaboration with Virtual Reality; operations applications of BIM and facilities data in maintenance management and life cycle planning; and rebaselining BIM and asset data for existing buildings.Presentations


Innovation as Company DNA
Ivanka Iordanova, Ph.D., M.Arch., PA LEED, BIM-VDC Director, Pomerleau Inc.

Pomerleau is a Canadian General Contractor, Construction Manager and Design-Builder focusing on innovation, safety and quality.

BIM-VDC is used throughout all project phases, for all relevant projects from Newfoundland to British Columbia (around 70% of all building projects during 2015). Proven benefits include Client satisfaction from the quality of the final result, the timely delivery and incurred savings (up to 8% of the construction cost). Efficient collaboration between all stakeholders are fostered through Integrated Project Delivery approaches and Lean Construction strategies. Our partners Consultants and Trades) are grateful for the help and coaching provided on BIM-VDC and Lean, and enjoy flawless work processes and good working atmosphere. In 2015 Pomerleau won the “Best in BIM” award, as well as the “Innovation in BIM” award from CanBIM.

This presentation will feature mainly two aspects of the very large specter of BIM-VDC at Pomerleau:

  1. Applied research and collaboration with University Research Groups – our approach and the results we have by now.
  2. The vision of a BLM (Building Lifecycle Management) system – an in-house development aiming at bridging different software and formats.

Enabling Architectural Practice Through Technological Innovation
Aubrey Tucker and Jason Santeford, Stantec

The demands and objectives of architectural practice remain the same but the tools and work flow are rapidly changing, empowering practitioners more than ever. Virtual models and environments can be created to communicate unbuilt spaces to owners.  The ability to capture reality into a five dimensional digital model is not just theoretically possible, it is now down every day. Drones, depth field cameras, and automated quality control measures are used to capture existing conditions and assist during construction administration. Collaborative techniques for advancing quality assurance have a multitude of new features for design. The internet of things has a tremendous potential for monitoring building performance to truly improve the next design. These are just some of the technologies that have been adopted within the architectural industry to facilitate our true objective as designers: to change the world.

HYway Platform – An Enterprise approach to BIM and Construction Service Intelligence
Michael Parkes, Systems Innovation Manager, Hansen Yuncken

Hansen Yuncken is the largest family owned Construction Company in Australia, with over 610 employees and an annual turnover of just over AUD$1 billion. In 2009 Hansen Yuncken’s senior executives made a strategic and transformational decision to adopt BIM at an enterprise level so as to realise its full capabilities relative to not only its benefits to increasing design and construction performance, but also as a foundation for improving information management and business intelligence.

The need for new project and business capabilities that would support transformational change inspired the concept of the HYway platform. To implement HYway, the R&D Team at Hansen Yuncken developed a platform using Microsoft Sharepoint, Nintex, and BIM 360, integrating project and business processes, information and communication technologies (ICT) and disparate forms of data and information. Traditional siloed approaches to managing information and analyzing performance were replaced by systems integration and business intelligence. The HYway platform sits at the cusp of a new paradigm in construction, leveraging the computational processing power of BIM technologies. HYway provides an enterprise level solution and strategic framework that drives communication, consistency, transparency and performance through a systems approach to information management and decision support. By collecting useful internal and external data, HYway’s digital infrastructure supports the storage, analysis and long-term archiving for those data. This, in turn, supports Hansen Yuncken staff in making data-driven decisions in real time.

Speaker Bios

Dr. Ivanka Iordanova, LEED AP, is a diplomaed architect and has a Master’s and a PhD degree from the Université de Montréal. She spent numerous years in academia contributing to research related to collaborative design and creativity, to digital media and building performance, to BIM and know-how modeling. Her teaching experience includes digital architecture studios, courses on modeling and integrated design, multidisciplinary design studios, and more recently BIM/VDC and Lean Construction. After a post-doc in the GRIDD of the ETS, she integrated Pomerleau as a BIM/VDC Director. There she actively works for innovation, collaboration and better productivity in the construction industry through the adoption of new technology (BIM/VDC), and better planning and management (Lean construction). She is also scientific respondent at Pomerleau for two industrial research chairs – one on technology in construction at the ETS & UBC, and another one on innovation and governance of construction projects – at the Montreal Polytechnic. Dr Iordanova is also active at Canadian level as Chair of the GC Committee of CanBIM.

Michael Parkes has over 30 years’ experience in the Construction Industry in all aspects, from tradesman to Project Director, delivering large projects and programmes within government and private sectors.

Michael undertakes the role of Systems Innovation Manager for Australia’s leading, privately owned construction company Hansen Yuncken. In this role, he is leading an internal Research and Development team, with a mandate to increase efficiency through refined processes and innovation across the enterprise.

In order to achieve this, he and his team have developed a world class and award winning collaboration and information management system, which is now the Hansen Yuncken Way (better known as HYWay).

Through its development, HYway has provided the backbone to connect business systems and BIM technologies, improving consistency, transparency and enterprise intelligence across the organisation. This has been influential in developing a culture where people embrace innovation and has changed the way Hansen Yuncken conduct business.

As an influential expert in this field, Michael engages with universities across the country as a subject matter expert for presentations, lecturers and as a member of the curriculum advisory committee. He has also been key speaker at both national and international technology forums including the Autodesk University (AU) in Las Vegas.

Aubrey Tucker is an Architecture Enabler, Technologist, International BIM Speaker, University Lecturer & Revit Expert with an extensive career with skyscrapers, hospitals, education, airports and technology. Aubrey’s interests are in great Design, Art, Parametric Modeling, Computational Design, Rapid Prototyping, Digital Fabrication, Virtual Reality/Full Immersion hardware & software, 4D – 5D construction modeling/accountability and all the technology required to process these concepts. Aubrey’s overarching goal is to utilize the latest in hardware, software and digital paradigms to create smart work within the built environment.

Jason Santeford is the Architecture Discipline Lead for British Columbia at Stantec, overseeing project delivery and quality for Stantec’s four British Columbia offices (Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Kamloops).  A licensed Architect in both the US and Canada, Jason has been working in the industry for almost 20 years with extensive experience on large, complex projects delivered through multi-office collaborations using a variety of digital platforms.  Jason is an advocate for the intelligent application of technology to the practice of Architecture in order to achieve greater accuracy, quality, and efficiency in the process of design and delivery of project documents.  In addition to his role as a technically literate design professional, he has contributed to the buildingSMART Canadian Practice Manual for BIM as a Chapter Lead writing about how to achieve BIM support and commitment from project stakeholders.