Master of Science Admissions – Instructions and Documents

Instructions and Documents

  1. Admission Requirements and Deadlines
    Prepare all the documents listed in the Admissions Requirements. Make sure to follow the Admission Deadlines. For the GRE/TOEFL testing results, make sure to use the following School Codes:

    • UW (CM Dept.) – 4854
    • TOEFL scores /GRE – 5199
  2. Graduate School
    Start the application process at the graduate school admissions portal to create an applicant profile that will include basic applicant contact and demographic information, citizenship, application account password, and other information. No documents will be sent to the Graduate School unless specifically requested from you. Later, if an admission offer is given to you, you will be required to send original official transcripts to the Graduate School for verification of your B.Sc. prior degrees and whether your school was accredited or not.
  3. Department of Construction Management
    Once you created your profile with the graduate school admissions portal, send the documents of the admission requirements to the address given below. The documents should reach us before the admissions deadline. The documents include:
  1. Photocopy of the online Graduate School application
  2. The Department of Construction Management application form
  3. Prior degree transcripts
    • One official copy of transcripts (in sealed envelope) from all collegiate institutions you have attended is required and must be received by CM Dept.
    • If you earned a degree from an institution outside the United States or its territories, an official copy of the transcript and degree statement must be received by the deadline.
  4. Photocopy of GRE scores
  5. Photocopy of TOEFL scores (for international applicants only).
  6. Statement of Purpose
    • This one-page essay explains why you seek admission to the M.S. Construction Management program (see essay instructions within application form).
  7. Personal résumé
  8. Three letters of recommendation
    • From current or former employers or supervisors, or former teachers, each accompanied by the proper form (Word or PDF format) and received by the appropriate application deadline.
    • Recommendations are accepted by e-mail or by fax.

Mail the application such that it would reach the construction management departments before the Admissions Deadlines. The mailing address is:

Graduate Program Coordinator
Department of Construction Management
University of Washington
Architecture Hall, Suite 120, Campus Box 351610
Seattle, WA 98195-1610