The department’s objectives are as follows:

Instructional Goals

  1. Provide accessible, challenging, quality, and contemporary educational programs that prepare individuals to assume technical and managerial positions in the construction and related industries.
  2. Provide a diversified accredited undergraduate curriculum.
  3. Provide experiential learning opportunities for students.
  4. Provide interdisciplinary opportunities for students.

Research Goals

  1. Conduct high-quality research that pushes the boundaries in construction technology and management and improves construction processes.
  2. Engage in interdisciplinary research activities.
  3. Recruit more full-time graduate students to support department research activities.
  4. Complete the development of the Pacific Northwest Center for Construction Research and Education.

Service Goals

  1. Cultivate close relationships with the construction and related industries.
  2. Conduct service projects that benefit the community.

Quality Improvement Goals

  1. Strengthen the bond between the department and its alumni.
  2. Promote professional development of the faculty.
  3. Increase undergraduate enrollment without degrading the quality of students admitted.
  4. Increase department endowment funding.
  5. Improve department visibility.