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Dual Degree in Architecture and CM

The Architecture and Construction Management Dual Degree program is designed for students who want an education in both the design and construction disciplines. By pursing the degrees simultaneously, students are able to obtain a BS in Construction Management degree and a BA in Architectural Studies with just three additional quarters of study.

The Dual Degree prepares students to pursue professional graduate degree programs in architecture, construction management, or facilities management. The additional degree is also valuable for graduates who are seeking supervisory or managerial positions at government agencies, consulting firms, general contractors or homebuilders that require an understanding of architectural design and problem solving, or at architectural, design, or planning firms that need expertise in project planning and management, scheduling, cost estimating and materials. Dual Degree majors are an outstanding match for companies and organizations who need someone to manage projects with architects and builders.

Graduates of the Dual Degree Program receive two undergraduate degrees: a BS in Construction Management and a BA in Architectural Studies. Dual Degree students begin their studies as Architectural Studies majors and then apply to the Department of Construction Management during their third year of study.

Architectural Studies students have the option of taking coursework in Rome at the UW’s Rome Center in autumn of their fourth year of study.