Graduate Non-Matriculated Student Enrollment

A student enrolling with Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) status is not currently seeking a degree but may apply a maximum of 12 graduate level credits toward degree requirements should he or she be accepted into a graduate program.

You should register as a Graduate Non-Matriculated student if you plan to apply the credits you earn toward a specific graduate degree in the future.  GNM status does not refer to any degrees you currently hold, but to whether or not you plan to apply the credits to a masters degree or PhD.

It is important to note that acceptance as a GNM student does not imply admission to a graduate degree program.

Application Deadlines

For a Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) student, application deadlines are:

For Fall Quarter:              September 1
For Winter Quarter:       December 1
For Spring Quarter:        March 1
For Summer Quarter:    May 15

GNM Application

Ready to apply?  Follow instructions for howto apply as a GNM student.

Note that in Box #22, you must fill in “Construction Management” as the program for which you are applying.  Also, please double check whether you plan to take the courses via the classroom or distance learning.