Department of Construction Management

The Department of Construction Management offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as a number of classroom-based and online certificate programs in various aspects of Construction Management.  Some of these degrees are offered through UW Professional and Continuing Education.  We encourage you to browse the list of our offerings to see which program is right for you.

Why pursue an undergraduate degree in Construction Management?

An undergraduate degree in Construction Management prepares you for a variety of interesting and well-paid careers in the construction industry.

Why pursue a graduate degree in Construction Management?

A graduate degree in the field of Construction Management can be instrumental to your professional development, students who seek advanced degrees in Construction Management may do it for the following opportunities:

  • They have an undergraduate degree outside of CM and need the knowledge base to succeed in the construction industry
  • They plan to seek employment in higher education
  • They seek in-depth knowledge of advanced Construction Management topics to further their careers
  • They seek a career transition to the US-based construction industry
  • They seek to improve their employment prospects and salary when competing for government positions

The focus in these degree programs is on professional education that successfully combines theory and application, with a strong emphasis in applied management.  These programs are designed to allow students to tailor a portion of the specialization requirements to meet individual interests and goals.