The mission of the Lean Construction Research (LCR) Lab is to develop and deploy knowledge and means for project-based production system using lean principles and philosophy.

Lean Implementation at Construction Projects

Application of the lean production philosophy to construction began in the early 1990s under the name “lean construction.” Through collaboration with industry partners, LCR Lab has developed several tools and models for practitioners to implement lean principles in their project setting. Our research outcomes include:

  • Development of a Measure of Percentage of Constraints Removal (PCR) to Predict the Project Outcomes using the Performance of Make-Ready Process
  • Exploration of Strategies for Reliable Supply Chain System (Rebar; Curtain-Wall)
  • Exploration of the Innovative Organizational Structure for Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
  • Development of an Evaluation Framework for Integrated Design Process

Process-Based Costing

Improvement in practice cannot be achieved without theory. In the area of direct cost control, LCR focus has been on the earned-value method (EVM), which is a standard cost control practice in current project management. In the area of overhead cost control, LCR has focused on applying a new overhead cost control practice (Activity-Based Costing) to the construction industry. In 2017, the first book (ABC for Construction Companies, Wiley) has been published. Our research outcomes include:

  • Development of a Customized Earned Value Method (CEV) to Complement an Earned-Value Method
  • Application of the Activity-Based Costing (ABC) to the Construction Context to effectively Manage Overhead Costs

Process-Based Sustainable Design & Construction

One area of LCR research has been focused on the application of lean thinking to the sustainable design and construction. What changes in the construction management community might contribute to ensuring that conditions exist for life on earth to thrive undiminished, indefinitely?  That question is at the core of my research agenda in sustainability. Our research outcomes include:

  • Development of a Process-Based Environmental Impacts of Construction Supply Chain Systems Processes

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