Department of Construction Management

Dual Degree [CM/ARCH] Admissions

Graduates of the Dual Degree Program receive two undergraduate degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Design.

Dual Degree students begin their studies as Architectural Design majors and then apply during their third year of study, *make sure to select “Dual Degree” in the drop-down menu when applying.  Architectural Design students are involved in design studios, which include materials, design/build, and community service components that integrate with and enhance their Construction Management education.

The two degrees require a minimum of 225 credits and take five years to complete.

NOTE:  The Dual Degree program is NOT accredited by ACCE.

Step 1: Prepare

Prospective Dual Degree students must first apply to the Architecture Department and satisfy that department’s prerequisites, which include 73 credits of liberal arts classes and 17 credits of preparatory architectural courses.  There are no CM prerequisites to enter the dual degree program.

Step 2: Contact

Students interested in this option should consult undergraduate advisers for both the Architecture and Construction Management departments. Transfer students should also meet with a UW Admissions Counselor.

Step 3: Apply

After applying and gaining admittance to the Architecture Department as an Architectural Design major, students then apply to the Construction Management Dual Degree Program.  Admission is competitive and the CM Admissions Committee reviews applications based on the following criteria:

  • Overall grade point average
  • Grade point average in the most recent three quarters
  • Extent and quality of relevant experience
  • Personal motivation

Students must apply to the Architecture Department by the first Monday of the Summer Quarter of their second year of study.  Applications for the Dual Degree Program are due to the Construction Management Department by April 1st of the student’s third year of study.  Make sure to select “Dual Degree” in the drop-down menu when you apply.  

Completion of the degree program requires a fifth year of study.