Department of Construction Management

Undergrad FAQ

Do I have to finish all pre-requisites before I can apply?
∴  No, they do not have to be completed before you apply. They can still be in-progress but they must all be completed before the end of the summer.

How often do you accept applications?
∴  We only accept applications once a year in April for entry into our program in the Fall.

How do I know which class will count towards the UW’s Diversity requirement?
∴  Here are the UW’s guidelines for the Diversity requirement.

I am a community college transfer student and can’t find an equivalent to the Construction Science (CM 260) equivalent.
∴  You can use the UW Equivalency Guide to find an equivalent to CEE 291 or M E 123.

Where can I find a list of pre-requisites?
∴  Here.

Do you require Letters of Recommendation?
∴  No, we do not require or accept Letters of Recommendation for applications.

What is the difference between Freshman-Direct and Early Admit?
∴  If you are currently a high school senior and applying to the UW, you are eligible to apply as a Freshman-Direct.
∴  If you are currently a UW Freshman and have completed the first physics or calculus pre-requisite, you are eligible to apply as an Early Admit.

Do you have a GPA requirement?
∴  No, we carefully review every application we receive. In addition to your GPA, we also take into consideration: your resume, personal statement, and your GPA trend over the last three quarters.