central Building Information Management (cBIM)

Every airport involved in the facility development/renovation process with a multitude of design and construction services providers faces the same problem: How to create a reliable as-built process, paid for once but useable time and time again. This practice commonly requires many steps that often fail to deliver documentation as needed, or as promised. This failure occurs when facility owners rely on the traditional as-built drawing delivery process. The process starts with a low expectation and ends with an even more disappointing result… but in the middle is a gap with no management. No workaround, no feature built into CAD/BIM software, and no as-built management software solves this problem or supports end-to-end automation. An ideal solution for this problem needs these requirements:

  • Develops and implements a contractually binding owner’s standard
  • Checks and validates deliverables throughout the project design & construction
  • Provides a single source location of usable & updated as-built information
  • Reduces risk of repeated as-built efforts and cost for the same location
  • Maintains as-built data in its native file format for easy re-use

Central Building Information Management (cBIM) is a unique process that’s been purpose-built to meet these exacting requirements. Integral with the industry leading BIM software Autodesk Revit and Civil3D, cBIM extends the power of technology with a managed process to solve the as-built problem. Developed for use by all LAWA stakeholders and service providers, cBIM will efficiently capture, host, maintain and manage drawing information for all of the LAX campus built environment and Infrastructure.

Keynote Speaker Bio

Frank Peters has a diverse background with over 36 years of experience in the manufacturing and construction industry. He holds the position of Program Manager for central Building Information Management (cBIM) at LAWA, responsible for campus-wide implementation of BIM processes, procedures and internal staffing support at LAX. His ancient undergraduate educational is in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Prior to leading LAWA’s BIM program, Mr. Peters was a Project Manager for Virtual Design and Construction at various large US based General Constructors. Most recent he lead the development and implementation of BIM capabilities at the Los Angeles’ largest project ever, a new $1.6B international terminal at LAX.

Before jumping over to the Construction sector, Frank held various positions at Fortune 100 companies including Product Development at Sun Microsystem Inc, focusing on the design and development team management of the Enterprise Server product line. While with Sun, Mr. Peters served as a senior staff member of the Product Development group’s 6-Sigma Team. Mr. Peters has also managed multiple projects implementing advanced Kanban and supply chain management processes in manufacturing, construction and the ERP sectors.