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FAQ for Incoming Graduate students

Welcome to the Department of Construction Management! Here are some links and other Frequently Asked Questions that we hope will be helpful to new graduate students in our department.

When is tuition due?

How much is tuition and fees per quarter? We charge Tier 1 tuition. Click here to find out. Note, these rates usually increase by 2-3% per year.

Should I register for classes before I arrive at the UW in the Fall? It is possible to register before you arrive on campus. However, we save space in our required classes, so it is not mandatory. Before you can register, you must first submit your proof of measles vaccination. Directions for submitting that infomation are here.

How do I register for classes?

How do I prove that I am vaccinated against measles? Click here. (Note: it usually takes three weeks to have your documents entered into the system.)

What classes should I choose from for Fall 2017? View this link and scroll down to the CM 5XX classes. Remember, you can always change your class selection in the first week of classes. Changes after the first week will incur a penalty and require special permission.

When do I meet with my graduate advisor? You may email your graduate advisor (see your admissions letter) to set up an appointment after September 15.

How should I prepare for my meeting with my advisor? Print out this form and fill in what you can ahead of time.

Are there some important dates for Fall 2017? Yes, orientation is on Monday, Sept 25 in the late afternoon, and classes begin on Wednesday, Sept 27.

Can I work on campus to help pay for some of my expenses? Both domestic and international students can work on campus. International students are limited to 19 hours per week. Here is a link to finding campus jobs: Husky Jobs. Or for Housing and Food Service jobs, click here.

How can find housing once I arrive in Seattle? Generally one can find an apartment within 1-2 weeks because there are many apartments available nearby to campus. You can search on Craigslist, Zillow,, or apartment before you come. You can also consider doing a Skype call to the property manager before you arrive. Cheaper apartments are also available if you are willing to ride the bus to get home.