January 24, 2019

We Are Construction Management 2020

In September, we welcomed 68 new Construction Management juniors to our program. Meet a few of them below!










Renata Popov

Renata was born in Israel but raised in Toronto, Canada. She spent her childhood living in different cities around the world–Tel Aviv, Frankfurt, Toronto, and Seattle– and realized she desired to transform and improve the urban experience. She knew construction management was the right major for her after only one quarter at the UW. What really solidified her choice was an opportunity to intern for Exxel Pacific the summer before her sophomore year. Not long after that, she applied to the CM Program as an early admit student.
Renata wants to be a part of the built environments and have an impact on the physical shape of urban life. Her goal is to help create places worth visiting and experiencing and was attracted to the interdisciplinary aspect of the program. She loves that the CM program incorporates aspects of operations management, architectural design, and systems engineering.

She admits that the program is intense but that she’s never felt more connected to the Seattle construction scene, mostly because of the number of industry professionals that lead classes or guest lecture.

After graduating from the CM program, she plans to stay and work locally to be part of the Seattle’s world-class potential. After a few years in the field, she may consider pursuing an MBA.

Luisito Deguzman

Luisito was raised in a military family and has had opportunities to travel overseas to places like Japan and Singapore, but still considers Hawaii home. By traveling to new countries and seeing different infrastructures, his interest in buildings began.

He chose to major in CM because it was a perfect blend of engineering, business, and architecture, all of which are careers that interest him. Through the program, he’s had the opportunity to take a variety of classes at UW and has really enjoyed the program’s environment and student culture.

When asked what his experience in the program has been like so far he replied, “Everyone has been really supportive and helpful. I’ve made a bunch of new friends and they have taught me so much this quarter. My professors and advisors have helped me fit in and have welcomed me with open arms. Both really want to see me succeed and constantly push me to become a better person everyday.”

After graduation, Luisito will be commissioning into the Army as an officer. He plans to continue developing his leadership and construction skills into an Army career and eventually return to school for a master’s degree in CM or civil engineering.

Nash Baker

Nash is from Seattle, Washington, and has been involved in home construction projects since he was a child. His parents would purchase fixer-upper homes and do all the remodeling themselves. Through the years, he has gained hands-on construction experience by refurbishing structures on volunteer trips to the Mississippi Delta, working as an electrician’s assistant at Seattle’s Amazon headquarters and even helping to build a houseboat. He finds it very gratifying see a project through from start to finish.

Nash has enjoyed his time in the program so far. He says, “The professors in the CM program really care that you know the material and will be able to apply it to your career. UW is a huge school and was sometimes overwhelming, but now that I’m in the CM program, the university feels a little smaller and the learning opportunities are maximized. Also, I’m surrounded with motivated students who challenge me to push myself.”

His goal is to develop a career with a dynamic construction company or developer. For the past few years, he has also performed stand-up comedy in his free time and hopes to continue with it.