May 20, 2018

Meet a Few of Our New CM Students!

UW Junior – Lauren Gallagher


Why did you decide to major in CM?

I decided on CM because my parents have a residential construction company. My mom is the interior designer and my dad is the general contractor so I developed a passion for construction when I was young. Growing up, I was always surrounded by the business. My parents would take me to the houses they were building and I was constantly fascinated by the work that went into building a house. My mom helped me realize I liked construction and interior design by letting me experience the design process by including me in different selection processes such as picking out light fixtures, sampling carpet swatches and choosing paint colors.

A few interesting facts about yourself:

I traveled to Mexico to build a house with the Morris Home Build Project and studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain. I took architecture and design classes there and it was an eye opening experience because it exposed me to different styles of design.



UW Transfer – Harkarn Bain

Tell us about your background and path to get to UW.

I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. I was raised by two loving parents and a supportive older brother. They have been the backbone to my success and I’m very grateful to have them in my life. When my original plan to attend UW fell through the cracks, I decided to attend South Seattle College (SSC). I had a goal of getting into the University of Washington and SSC helped me reach my academic goals as well as helped me mature as a student. With the academic success and community involvement I gained at SSC, this put me in a position to be a strong candidate to the University of Washington.

Why did you decide to transfer into the UW CM program?

My brother is a University of Washington alumni so I have always had the goal to attend the same school. At SSC I was torn between choosing an engineering or business pathway. My brother had mentioned the Construction Management program at the University of Washington and after further research and meetings with my adviser and UW advisers, I found the purpose behind my goal of attending UW.

What are a few of your notable accomplishments (or things you’re proud of)?

I am personally proud of how I improved my academic habits from high school into college. I went from a high school gpa of 2.9 to now a 3.65 gpa at SSC. I took 20 credits my entire sophomore year while also working outside of school, and this quarter I joined a position with Student Government as a Diversity and Inclusion officer. I’m always busy but very grateful for these opportunities and for receiving academic scholarships through South Seattle College from Costco and the Biella Foundation



UW Sophomore – Tri Le

Tell us about your path to get to the UW CM program.

I am a first generation-college student here and am very excited to be a part of the CM program. I have always loved architecture as a kid and really admired the tall buildings in Seattle as my parents and I drove by. Going into high school and college, I had forgotten about my admiration. I wanted to pursue something that wasn’t really right for me, which was computer science. I am a hands-on person and was questioning my decision throughout my freshman year. As the quarters rolled on, I stumbled upon construction management. I was taking the bus one day and saw a construction site and was inspired to look into that as a major and that sealed my fate. I quickly changed my classes, just in time, and was accepted as an early-admit.

What are you most looking forward to in the program?

I am a people-person, so what I look forward to the most is to meet new people. I have also heard of competitions that CM students get to be a part of and that looks quite interesting to me. I am also happy to hear that the classes you take in this program are all very useful and provide skills that you would use in your career.