January 24, 2019

2019 Chair’s Update

Last spring, we said goodbye to 66 seniors who began their careers in the workforce and welcomed 68 new juniors to the Construction Management program in the fall. Additionally, we graduated about 12 master’s students in the spring while 18 new master’s students started our program in the fall.

We are proud to have reached our goal of increasing the number of construction management students while maintaining the quality of our graduates. As the construction climate is forecasted to cool slightly in the next few years, we expect to keep the enrollment of undergraduates at around 60 students (with master’s students between 15-20), while focusing on continuous quality improvements.

Our primary vehicle for improving the quality of education is applying the standards of our accreditation body (the American Council for Construction Education). These standards allow us to develop our program to meet the needs of the local Construction Industry Advisory Council (CIAC). We have established performance benchmarks for construction management knowledge and constantly improve our program to meet these benchmarks.

In other College news, John Schaufelberger has returned to the CM Department after serving almost seven years as the Dean of the College of the Built Environments. We appreciate the John’s service and are glad to have him teaching in the department again.

Please reach out if you have an interest in being a guest speaker, Capstone mentor or panelist, class lecturer, or Construction Industry Advisory Council member.









Bill Bender

Chair, Department of Construction Management