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BIM Certificate Fall 2017 – Registration Open.
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Why Attend?

The rapid adoption of Building Information Modeling (“BIM”) in the design and construction industry has led to a strong demand for construction management professionals who can leverage the many benefits of BIM on their projects.

This certificate program complements a professional degree or real-world experience by helping construction managers take an active role in the BIM process. The key differentiator of this program from other BIM education programs available today is the focus on applied BIM skills that can be readily useful in real project settings: what you learn in this program today, you can apply on the jobsite tomorrow.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is ideal for construction managers with limited to no knowledge of the BIM process or software packages. Those in related professions who would like to learn more about how construction managers make use of BIM, such as architects, civil engineers, MEP engineers, trade subcontractors, and those in related fields, would also benefit from this program. It is also a great supplement for students currently pursuing one of these degrees looking to learn practical skills that could help move into a BIM-related role.

Students who successfully complete the coursework and capstone project will receive a Professional Certificate from the UW Department of Construction Management verifying participation in this course and can add it to their curriculum vitae. They will also be granted exclusive access to an online network of UW-Skanska BIM Certificate graduates to support both networking and inform future BIM-related information and offerings.

Technology Requirement

Please note that in order to successfully complete the course each student is required to have access to Autodesk Revit and Navisworks 2014 or later. Students taking the class remotely must provide the hardware, software and internet connection necessary to run these tools. This is not provided to students as part of registration. If you live in Seattle and plan to attend class in person at the UW CERC/Sandpoint facility we have the option of checking out a laptop provisioned with the required software for an additional fee. Please contact Julie Angeley for more information.

Course Agenda & Logistics

The hands-on course spans 11 sessions and includes a Capstone project and presentation.

Fee: Course fee is $1600 + $65 registration fee. We are not able to offer financial aid.

This BIM Certificate course is a self-sustaining program delivered through our Center for Education and Research in Construction and does NOT have a connection to the University’s matriculated programs, as such this course does NOT qualify for University credit. For university credit and support for international students, we do have an online masters program. (

The course is taught online – students can attend from any location. For students local to the Seattle area, there is the option to attend in-person at our CERC Sandpoint facility.

For those folks in Seattle who would like to attend in person, the classes are on Tuesdays 6-8pm EST / 3-5pm PST from September 26, 2017 to December 5, 2017.

The classes are all live and also recorded for later review. We are also offering a hands-on tutorial session on Thursdays 6-7pm EST / 3-4pm PST.

  • Introduction to BIM
  • BIM technology Fundamentals, Part 1
  • Planning for success
  • Coordination and Clash Prevention
  • BIM for project reviews
  • Scheduling with BIM
  • BIM technology Fundamentals, Part 2
  • Quantities and component tracking
  • BIM in the Field
  • Capstone workshop
  • Facilities and Asset Management, and Course Conclusion

Contact for more information on the BIM Certificate course.

Our Team

Our Center for Education and Research in Construction and Skanska have teamed in order to develop a uniquely focused, applied Building Information Modeling (BIM) skills certificate course. Students will leave this program with tangible BIM software skills and an understanding of work processes, as well as enough industry context to decide why and how to leverage these capabilities. The blended delivery approach allows the program to be as accessible as possible for working professionals to attend, including those outside the Seattle area. This three-hour weekly course is held Tuesday evenings, with the first course offered  in Fall 2015. It is offered through the Department of Construction Management (not UW PCE) and will be hosted at the CERC Sandpoint facility as well as through online broadcast for those attending remotely.

About Skanska USA

Skanska USA is one of the largest, most financially sound construction and development companies in the U.S., serving a broad range of clients.  Headquartered in New York with offices in 34 metro areas, we have more than 10,000 employees committed to being leaders in safety, project execution, sustainability, ethics and people development.

In 2014, our work in building construction, civil and power/industrial construction, commercial development and infrastructure development (public-private partnerships) generated $7.3 billion in revenue. The emergence of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and related technologies continues to reshape how we deliver projects. Our BIM-enabled approach threads together Skanska’s deep, award-winning legacy of construction expertise with innovative technologies and processes to improve the way we work. We have applied these cutting-edge technologies to every phase of the building lifecycle, from conceptual design through facility management. We are consistently ranked in the Top BIM Giants of Building Design + Construction and frequently cited in Dodge Data & Analytics Smart Market Reports.  Learn more about Skanska and our approach to innovation here.

About UW’s Center for Education and Research in Education (CERC)

CERC is a locus of research, scholarship and discovery in the UW’s Department of Construction Management and allied disciplines of architecture, engineering and real estate. Focused on the people and practices of a dynamic, innovative construction industry, CERC develops new concepts and innovative solutions as well as improves methodologies for design, construction and operations. With labs focused on Safety and Health, Project Delivery and Management, Virtual Design and Construction, Infrastructure Development, and Sustainable Built Environments the CERC faculty are not only experts and researchers in a wide array of topics but also lead the field in translating that expertise into excellent construction education practices and pedagogy to train tomorrow’s construction professionals.

Our Faculty

The UW-Skanska Certificate in Building Information Modeling is principally taught by award-winning researcher Dr. Carrie Sturts Dossick of University of Washington and seasoned BIM trainer and practitioner Mr. Mike Choquette of Skanska USA Building. Over the course of the program, they will also host a number of guest lecturers who are seasoned BIM professionals active in the field today. These experts bring current, real-life experience to the classroom environment to share best practices and lessons learned, while answering difficult questions relative to how BIM tools impact collaboration, communication, and quality in our rapidly changing industry.

    • Dr. Carrie Sturts Dossick
      Associate Professor, Department of Construction Management, UW College of Built Environment. Executive Director, Center for Education and Research in Construction (CERC)
      Dr. Dossick’s main research interests focus on emerging collaboration methods and technologies such as Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Current projects include technology and collaboration strategies for green building design and construction, global virtual teams, applications of BIM and COBie in operations and bringing BIM to the construction site via iPad. She has received funding from the National Science Foundation, U.S. Army, U.S. Department of Education, Mechanical Contractors Association of Western Washington, University of Washington Royalty Research Fund, University of Washington Capital Projects, the College of Built Environments’ BE Lab and was awarded the College of Architecture and Urban Planning 2007 Dean’s Development Fund. She has previously collaborated with Skanska USA Building Inc. on integrated practices and formal Integrated Project Delivery research under the company’s coveted Innovation Grant Program.
      Read more about Dr. Carrie Sturts Dossick’s research here and connect via Linkedin.
    • Dr. Catherine Rose 
      VDC Director of Staff Development at Skanska USA Building Inc.
      Leading development efforts around technical skills, software tool adoption and innovation at Skanska USA Building, Dr. Rose has works closely with BIM360 Field Implementation Managers, Autodesk and Assemble to promote software and train project teams all over the country. Previously, Dr. Rose led multidisciplinary teams at Philips as a Senior Segment Manager. At Philip’s Healthcare Lighting, Catherine led all sales, marketing and research initiatives to use light to transform spaces into better healing environments. She led all activities for LightAide, an LED system for children with low vision and other special needs. Dr. Rose has been recognized as ‘Rising Star’ by Boston Children’s Hospital for this work and has been awarded Edison Awards for LightAide and HealWell, a solution for patient rooms that supports regular sleep cycles. Dr. Rose graduated from Stanford University with her Doctorate and Masters in Mechanical Engineering. She completed her MBA in Finance from University of Massachusetts Lowell and graduated summa cum laude with degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Spanish from North Carolina State University. Dr. Rose is a former adjunct faculty at Merrimack College in Operations Management and has been teaching this course at UW since Fall 2016.
      Connect with Dr. Catherine Rose on LinkedIn.

Guest Lectures

    • Albert Zulps, Skanska VDC Director – 30 years in the industry, AIA, LEED AP
    • Greg Smith, Skanska VDC Director – 29 years in the industry
    • Michael Zeppieri, Skanska Director, VDC Services – 20 years in the industry, BIM-FM and Lean Subject Matter Expert
    • Mark King, Skanska VDC Manager – 19 years in the industry, Revit Professional, GC Certified BIM Trainer
    • Matthew Emond, Skanska VDC Manager – 12 years in the industry, LEED AP
    • Jeremy Thibodeau, Skanska Senior Manager of VDC Services – 10 years in the industry, AIA, LEED AP