The Center for Education and Research in Construction (CERC) develops responsive scholarship with broad impact on people and industry practices from project planning to operations.

CERC Labs work on several interrelated streams of research including Safety and Health, Project Delivery and Management, Virtual Design and Construction, Infrastructure Development, Collaboration and Sustainable Built Environments.

Alongside industry partners, CERC faculty and students champion construction education and applied research. Expertise is used to translate knowledge into excellent construction education and training that shape tomorrow’s cutting-edge construction professionals.


CERC is home to multiple research projects, robust Lab’s and CM courses at any given time. Areas of inquiry and study range from performance issues, such as materials and structural analysis, to project management, including estimating and risk analysis, to emerging technologies including green building and design.


The Center for Education and Research in Construction counts among it’s many resources a cutting-edge facility housing labs, classrooms and meeting spaces to support research in virtual construction, methods and materials, and construction education.

The Center’s 8 unique spaces are available for use by our College, University community and Industry colleagues.

Learn more about this unique 25,000 sq. foot facility and see reservation information.