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Upper Division & Transfer Admissions

Applications for the Upper Division CM Program are due by April 1 of the student’s second year of study. Applications are reviewed by the Department’s Undergraduate Admissions Committee during April. Offers of admission are typically mailed by mid-May and are contingent upon the applicant completing all prerequisite course requirements by the start of the fall quarter of their junior year.

Students should note the following:

  • It typically takes five to six quarters to complete all the upper division prerequisite classes for the major.
  • Students should contact a Construction Management Adviser as soon as they decide to pursue a CM degree.
  • Prerequisites may be taken during the spring and summer quarters of the student’s sophomore year, but physics, math and financial accounting courses should be completed prior to submission of the application, if possible.
  • All prerequisite courses must be taken for a grade (unless there is no graded option).

All applicants are encouraged to meet with the CM Adviser as soon as they decide to pursue a degree in Construction Management. You can meet in person on the UW campus or online via Skype. Set up an appointment now.

Application links:

Application Packet

Your application packet to the Department of Construction Management must consist of the following:

  • Application for Admission
    • Complete the application online, following the instructions closely and checking ALL drop down menus.
    • Read the instructions carefully before, and while, you prepare your application.
    • Transfer students with credits from Washington state community colleges should review the Equivalency Guide to determine how their coursework will transfer to the University of Washington
  • Personal Statement
    • Include a one-page typed statement that indicates your motivation and goals for pursuing a degree in construction management.
    • The statement may describe your skills or personality traits that make you well-suited for a career in Construction Management, leadership experience, economic hardships and family background.
    • Additional content and formatting instructions are on the application.
  • Letters of reference
    • In the online application, you will provide the emails of two people who will write your reference letters.
  • College transcripts
    • Upload a copy of your unofficial UW transcript (use the printer-friendly version available on MyUW if you are a UW student).
    • Upload unofficial transcripts from all non-UW colleges or universities attended.
    • Transcripts must show grades from the most recent quarter (usually Winter quarter).
  • Resume
    • Your resume should document your work experience, extracurricular activities, and additional skills or experience. Use a clear, simple format.

Application submission instructions: submit your application online and make a selection in the first drop down menu (Current UW student, transfer, dual degree, or early admit)