FAQ for undergraduate admissions

Do I have to finish all pre-requisites before I can apply?
No, they do not have to be completed before you apply. They can still be in-progress but they must all be completed before the end of the summer.

How often do you accept applications?
We only accept applications once a year in April for entry into our program in the Fall.
How do I know which class will count towards the UW’s Diversity requirement?
Here are the UW’s guidelines for the Diversity requirement. If you are still unsure, send Academic Advisor Jessica Pak (pakjm@uw.edu) the course info to get it approved.
I am a community college transfer student and can’t find an equivalent to the Construction Science (CM 260) equivalent.
You can use the UW Equivalency Guide to find an equivalent to CEE 291 or M E 123. Or if your college offers an AutoCAD or Revit course, send Academic Advisor Jessica Pak (pakjm@uw.edu) the course description to get it approved.
Where can I find a list of pre-requisites?
Do you require Letters of Recommendation?
No, we do not require or accept Letters of Recommendation for applications.
What is the difference between Freshman-Direct and Early Admit?
If you are currently a high school senior and applying to the UW, you are eligible to apply as a Freshman-Direct.
If you are currently a UW Freshman and have completed the first physics or calculus pre-requisite, you are eligible to apply as an Early Admit.
Do you have a GPA requirement?
No, we carefully review every application we receive. In addition to your GPA, we also take into consideration: your resume, personal statement, and your GPA trend over the last three quarters.