June 10, 2019

Superintendent, MonteVista Homes, posted 6/10


Company: MonteVista Homes

To manage the day-to-day running of each home build to effectively construct homes in accordance with the budget and schedule.


  • Highly organized.
  • Ability to work in a team environment.
  • Good working general construction knowledge.
  • Critical path scheduling in a computer-based schedule
  • Self-starter.
  • Ability to take on multiple projects at the same time and move fluidly between them.
  • Problem solver.


  • To schedule, organize and direct the day-to-day construction of each home build.
  • To walk each job the same way every day and to schedule the trades and suppliers daily to ensure the jobs are ready for the Trades when they show up following the mantra that we “cannot expect what we do not inspect.”
    1. Open up each home at the beginning of the day.
    2. Lock up each home at the end of the day.
  • Work with Sales and Customers to foster the montevista Homes core value of “Customers are a blessing not a burden”.
  • Ensure homes are built with quality by utilizing your personal construction knowledge and quality and inspection forms, ensuring that all work performed is of the highest level. “We cannot expect what we do not inspect.”
    1. Work with Trades and Subs providing guidance, support and education as needed.
    2. Ensure buyer specifications are being installed per the contract documents.
  • Daily Scheduling Duties:
    1. Daily Updates
      1. Update schedule start dates for variance or shifts. Communicate with ALL subs and suppliers when shifts are noted.
      2. Ensure materials suppliers are on schedule for deliveries and that quantities delivered match PO’s.
  • Log, mark out and schedule deficiencies to be corrected immediately.
  1. Weekly
    1. Publish an accurate a global schedule report.
  • Maintain a generally clean home inside and out. Homes should be swept out daily by the trades. Cover counters and tubs after installation to prevent trade damage.
  • Maintain a clean and orderly workspace inside the construction office.
  • Conduct the following pre-start tasks:
    1. Quick Start Sheet / Lot inspection
    2. Site Plan / Plan Review
    3. Attend the EPO review meeting and provide input.
  • Work with city and county inspectors to pass all inspections.
  • Conduct specified onsite buyer meetings during construction.
  • Log and track credit returns. Ensure pickups are done in a prompt timeline.
  • Conduct the customer orientation and use the Homeowner Orientation Forms to log and note any buyer punch list items.
  • Repair or correct any items on that the buyer orientation list within 72 hours of the homeowner orientation. Prior to closing have the Homeowner sign off that all items were completed.
  • Maintain positive relationships with subs, customers, suppliers, colleagues and subordinates.
  • Promote job site safety.
  • Attend a quarterly growth review and be pre-pared to approach each review positively.
  • Achieve a 94% customer satisfaction rating.


Other duties will be assigned, and this job will evolve over time. You’ll need to evolve with it.


REPORTS TO:       Director of Construction

WORKS WITH:       Sales, Purchasing/ Estimating, Superintendents, Marketing Coordinator, Transaction Coordinator, Admins, Bookkeeper.

SUPERVISES:        Assistant Superintendents.

Resumes and a cover email can be sent to: careers@mtvistahomes.com