May 22, 2018

Project Manager, JMS Construction, posted 5/22/2018




The function of this position is to supervise all aspects of an assigned project necessary to bring about its satisfactory completion.  The Project Manager will assure that all specifications and construction methods are met throughout the course of the project while ensuring budget compliance and that special and company paperwork requirements are fulfilled. Actively solicit new clients to increase your own client list.



Reports to the President or Vice President as assigned.



Supervises the superintendents assigned to his/her jobs.

Establishes, publishes, and updates, together with the superintendent, the job flow schedule.

Forecasts, using the job schedule as a tool, the cash flows for all jobs under his/her supervision.

Writes all subcontracts, schedules and supervises through the superintendents all subcontractors, employees, and material deliveries assuring compliance with specifications, overall job schedule, and expected quality levels.

Acts as primary customer contact with the owner or owner’s agent at periodic (usually weekly) and special meetings and in any negotiations over budget, schedule or scope of work changes.

Initiates and costs out change orders ordered by the owner and owner’s agent or necessitated by unavoidable delay or changing scope of work caused by the owner, his/her agent, or an inspecting agency.

Is responsible for achieving job cost against the job budget and for explaining any variances.  Produces Job Cost Status Report each month and has it turned into his/her supervisor.  Buys out estimate with competing subs or materialmen to obtain the best price/service combination as well as to verify the estimate and to bring up any discrepancies as early as possible for reporting to the President and/or Vice President for assistance in minimizing overages and for communicating problems to the estimator.

Maintains a log of day-to-day information regarding job flow, unusual occurrences, conversations with suppliers, owners, subcontractors, and architects.  This log is to become a permanent part of the job file at the end of the job.

Schedules weekly (periodic) job meetings with the subs, owners representative, architect, superintendent, etc. as required by the job circumstances.

Reviews the encoding of all invoices and time cards charged to his/her jobs for their appropriateness, for proper billing and to ensure that the proper amount has been charged.

Takes responsibility for seeing that proper safety procedures exist at all times on his/her jobs and that periodic safety meetings are held to review these proper procedures.

Attends periodic supervisory and management meetings and initiates and conducts such meetings as required among those under his/her supervision.

Works with other Project Managers to maximize the use of employees and subs on all company projects.

Works with the superintendent to create and complete a pre-completion punch list.  Sees that owner or owner’s agent punch lists are completed on a timely basis.  Meets with owner or owner’s agent while they create their lists to ensure fairness and to obtain a complete understanding of the scope of their list.

Seeks out opportunities for training to increase his/her technical and managerial skills.

Trains and/or seeks out training opportunities for employees under his/her supervision.

Creates a sub/supplier list and communicates it to clerical staff for their use and for publication and filing.

Completes all pertinent forms in the Job Startup file including the job budget input form for the computer.

Writes all sub/material contracts delineating clearly the specifications and requirements for satisfactory performance of the work or material installation.

Prepares schedule of values and prepares each draw request in the manner prescribed in the Contract for Construction.

Schedules and chairs the post construction meetings to review budget and schedule compliance with the superintendent , President and/or Vice President.

Obtains all appropriate shop drawings, tests, reports, warrantees, as-built drawings, fixture cuts, samples, and other paper work required by the contract or as necessary to adequately complete the job.

Obtains all necessary permits as required by the contract and files them in the job file for presentation to the owner upon completion of the project.

Completes all necessary procedures and reports to close out job as required by the contract.

Undertakes special projects as directed by the President and/or Vice President.

Estimates incoming projects as assigned by his/her supervisor (see job description for estimator for job duties).

Acts as relationship officer with assigned clients maintaining contact on a regular basis even if they have no current work going.  Generates new work from our client base by staying in touch.  Is responsible for all on going work generated by assigned clients.

Participates in overall company planning and assumes his/her negotiated share of the company goals for sales and gross profit.


Attention Construction Management Graduates:

Redmond, WA General Contractor who specializes in shell, tenant improvement and renovation projects is seeking a Project Manager for immediate employment. Mentorship will be provided involving LOCAL commercial construction projects and marketing, particularly tenant improvement projects ranging from 50K to 5M.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • bachelor’s degree in construction or related field
  • demonstrated skills in

o business development

o negotiated contracting

o preconstruction services

o estimating

o scheduling

o subcontractor buyout

o project cost control

o risk management

o Microsoft Project & Excel


Desired skills:

o excellent communication, negotiation and customer service skills

o good organizational and time management skills

o self-motivated, and

o be goal oriented.

If interested in applying, please send your resume to my attention at

Thank you,

Ashley Douglas

JMS Construction

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